What is Ferratum Barometer™️ 2020 - Covid-19 Edition?

Ferratum Group has successfully finalized the 12th edition of the bi-yearly international behavior research conducted since 2014, where we're asking our customers to share with us their seasonal spending habits: once during the Summer holidays and, again, just before Christmas time. The purpose of the research is to understand our customers´ spending behaviors during the holidays, how spending differs from country to country and what's the change compared to previous years. This time, the survey was different, exploring more the current Covid-19 situation. We asked our customers how did Corona Virus World Pandemic affect their lives and spending behavior, what did they spend the most money on during isolation, what are their plans for upcoming months and how did they manage their finances. We also asked about online shopping and favourite payment method and what do they fear most in regards to Covid-19. In our special Covid19 edition – with almost 15,000 respondents – we’re excited to share the results of the FERRATUM BAROMETER 2020™️.